Why Your Barn Needs a Cupola and Weathervane

Why Your Barn Needs a Cupola and Weathervane

Close your eyes and imagine a barn. What do you see? Chances are, you’re envisioning a red wooden structure, with big doors that swing or slide open, perhaps a high window or two, a classic gambrel roof, and green grass on all sides. But think harder and consider the details: you’ll probably see a cupola coming out of the roof and a weathervane up there was well.

Cupolas and weathervanes may seem like optional adornments on barns or on any old and rustic building. However, they go a long way in making your barn look great, and they perform some unique functions as well. Here are some reasons why installing a cupola and a weathervane on your barn may be a good idea.

Why Add a Cupola?

A cupola is a tower or dome projecting out of the roof of a structure, and there’s no doubt that they add an interesting architectural flourish to any building. However, on a barn, a cupola is actually useful for increasing the amount of ventilation; this means that hay stored inside will remain dry and will be less prone to developing rot or mold. Better ventilation from a cupola also keeps moisture down inside the barn and improves air quality, which is ideal if there are farm animals spending the winter inside it. If a cupola has windows, it can also provide some natural lighting inside the barn as well.

From the outside, a cupola adds a ton of character to a barn, improving its overall aesthetic quality. Plus, a cupola does not have to be overly ornate to look really good. Putting one on a barn, either while it’s being built or later down the road, does mean some added cost. However, most barn owners feel that installing a cupola is a worthwhile investment.

Why Add a Weathervane?

On the other hand, a weathervane has a singular, simple purpose: to show which way the wind is blowing. While this bit of information is perhaps less important these days than it was in the past (given our unprecedented access to weather details via apps, TV, and the internet), it’s still a fun and useful detail to offer.

Beyond providing this quaint detail, weathervanes look really cool, especially on a barn or other rustic building. They may conjure up fond memories of happy childhoods spent on a farm, and anyone who has watched Mary Poppins will smile warmly at the memory of wondering when the wind will change.

Unlike cupolas, which require some more involved construction, weathervanes are relatively easy to install on a barn or any building. It’s true that they are largely decorative, but they’re highly worthwhile. Plus, with so many weathervane design options, there’s sure to be one that suits your desired look.

Make Your Barn Beautiful!

For your barn or rustic building, consider a cupola, a weathervane, or both. In fact, you can even install a weathervane on top of a cupola to make your barn stand as tall as possible. With one or both of these adornments, you’ll arguably have the best looking barn on the block—and the most functional one as well.