The History of Amish Craftsmanship

The History of Amish Craftsmanship

In 1730 the first large group of Amish arrived in America. Nearly 300 years later, there are more than 150,000 Amish living in the U.S. Although approximately 80 percent of the Amish live in Pennsylvania, Indiana and Ohio, there are also settlements in 21 other states. Americans began to embrace Amish furniture as part of early American folk art in the 1920s as several styles surfaced.

Learning to Build Amish Mailboxes and Birdfeeders

Children in Amish communities typically leave school after finishing the 8th grade so they can help their parents at home or in family shops. Furniture making is a skill passed down from fathers to sons and they take pride in their work. The Amish do not use electricity, making it necessary to use hydraulic and pneumatic power tools instead. The traditional-styled furniture has earned a quality reputation for being 100 percent wood and not containing laminate or particle board.

Supporting Families with Amish Furniture

Income from furniture making supports many families. Furniture making families often earn reputations for creating different types of furniture, such as pieces for the bedroom, living room or outdoors. Outdoor pieces include handcrafted bird feeders, birdhouses and mailboxes. The furniture is sustainable and lasts for generations. No two pieces of Amish furniture are identical because furniture makers take care to choose the wood for each project based on its grain. They also pay attention to the grain when gluing and finishing a piece.

Expanding the Reach of Handcrafted Amish Products

 Until recently, the only way to purchase Amish furniture was by visiting a shop in person but the Internet has widened the market. The Amish are not permitted to run websites due to their beliefs. Instead, retailers represent the Amish woodworkers, handling the online business.

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