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Give your structure the finishing touch it deserves with the Select Hamlin 36ʺ Vinyl Louvered Cupola. This beautiful cupola is made in the USA by talented Amish craftsman from weather-resistant white Azek vinyl. The Hamlin Cupola features louvers, careful detailing, and a meticulously hand formed copper or steel roof. It's crafted to last and add beauty to your property for years to come.

    Withstands 120 mph Winds
  • Dimensions: 36ʺ wide x 36ʺ deep x 50ʺ high
  • Base accommodates up to a 10/12 roof pitch
  • Built to withstand up to 120 mph winds
  • Louvers in the midsection can provide structure ventilation
  • Weathervane Mount with ¾ʺ opening and rubber stopper included
  • Free Shipping within the continental USA & Easy Returns

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Cupola Sizing and Installation

Choosing the correct cupola size is important. Our rule of thumb is to calculate 1.25 inches of cupola size for every foot of unbroken roof ridge line. For more details and diagrams, see our Sizing Guide.


How to Measure Roof Pitch

Mark on the bottom of a level the spot that is 12 inches from the end. Next, place that end of the level against the roof, and keeping it horizontal, measure from the spot you marked on the level down to the roof below. That measurement is the amount of vertical rise in your roof pitch. For example, if you measure 7 inches from the level to the roof, your roof pitch is 7/12 (7 inches rise over 12 inches of horizontal).

Shipping Details

Free Shipping to addresses in the contiguous USA to which UPS can deliver. Cupolas are shipped in 2 or 3 sections for ease of handling and installation. Lift Gate Service (recommended) is provided by the shipping company which allows the delivery driver to use a lift gate to unload your cupola shipment from the truck and place it on the ground. Lift Gate Service must be requested before your order ships.

Cupola Material Details

  • Copper roofs feature 16 oz, 25 gauge copper; steel roofs feature 26 gauge steel.
  • Louvered cupolas can provide ventilation; windowed cupolas can provide lighting.
  • 60 and 72 inch cupolas are constructed with double midsection panels (not pictured).
  • Window configurations vary depending on cupola size and shape.
  • Cupola windows can be removed to change bulbs. You can also order one window with hinges.
  • Weathervane/Finial Mount consists of an opening 0.75 inch in diameter at the peak (closed with a rubber plug) and a metal bracket inserted below the peak to hold 5-6 inches of the weathervane rod.
  • We can make custom sizes and styles of cupolas, just call for details.